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Last Sunday, October 29th 2023 I was warmly embraced by the attendees of Unity Central Oregon. As a queer person attending services have always been, well, a difficult journey through religious trauma. Clare, a leader in their community, reached a month prior out with absolutely zero intention to preach advising they have a donation for PFLAG Central Oregon. They were patient as I was not able to meet their until a month later. I woke up, over thought what I would be wearing to church, only to see they were all celebrating Halloween and dressing with joy. The community of Unity was warm and embracing of my presence and asked intelligent questions and lead with warmth. I was so moved I stayed for their full service despite my own religious trauma and was blessed to see how loving they were for all people. And when they advise they want to serve, boy howdy do they mean serve ALL with out expectation.

Thank you for your donation to PFLAG Central Oregon. It means so much and I hope to add you as a long term partnership and safe haven for those in Central Oregon that need extra light in their lives.

Sarah Jo Reece


PFLAG Central Oregon

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Hello Friends of PFLAG!

Let's get started off with what a GREAT meeting we are going to have October 10th! At 6:45 Pacific Time Aiden Vasquez will be giving his story and experiences as a trans man in this world. You can watch in person at our normal meeting facility, Nativity Lutheran Church on Brosterhous, or log in through zoom! Everyone is invited and the zoom meeting will be moderated.

Not only has Aiden come through some difficult journey of self identity he has also affected incredible change with a 4 year battle against Gov Kim Reynolds and DHS to provide trans affirmative surgeries through Medicaid.

PFLAG Central Oregon - is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Click on the link, or follow alternative instructions at the end of this email.

Drag Show Fundraiser We had an intimate with plenty of refreshments. Poison & Team delivered a lovely show! Thank you all for volunteering and your attendance. Our community partners are following: Bedouin of Sisters - Gift Cards (Raffled) and a $250 Donation Strictly Organic (Gift Basket Auction Item Gift Cards Raffled)) Bend Pet Express (Gift Basket Auction Item) Absolut Vodka (Refreshments) Newport Market (Gift Basket Auction Item) Traffic Control Consultants ($600 Sponsorship) Marcos Tacos ($1,500 In Kind Food Donation) Mindful Valor ($600 Sponsorship) Metal Printed Photography by Mountain Images (Auction item) Round of Golf & 1 Night Stay at Smith Rock Resort (Auction Item) October 2023-2024 Membership Drive In a few days will be sending email reminders for our annual membership dues. Half of our membership dues go to support national, and the other half for us to continue to host meetings and events. For the 2022-2023 year here is what we have done: 1. $2,000 of Scholarships Given in April 2. Bowling and networking in Madras, Oregon in May 3. Supported Pride in Bend 4. Supported GSA COCC For their Rocky Horror Picture Show 5. Gifted $500 in October/Nov to our sister chapter in Prineville 6. PFLAG in the Park - Barbecue and friends 7. Dragshow Fundraiser 8. Monthly Meetings and networking in Bend, Oregon. Potentially would like to have meetings in Redmond. 9. Annual Trans Panel in November 10. Weekly Table Top Gaming in Redmond Oregon for 16+ Individuals at Geek Geek Nerd Nerd. We really try to connect and do a lot. Each of us are needed to continue to meet, and create ideas of what to do and support out community here in Central Oregon.

Best, Sarah Jo Griffin Pronouns: she, her, and hers

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It's that time of year where school starts up. For many it is anxiety inducing with fear and tension. Some may not have support at home and find support in groups in school. How to navigate the school system to ensure there's safe spaces for connection and affirmation? It's... Really dependent the culture of each area and the teachers/adults/students who want to lead the charge.

Students in Walpole, Massachusetts, protest anti-LGBT proposals in Florida and Texas.Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

This is a resource guide intended for Safe Spaces in schools for LGBTQIA+ Students.

National Institute of Health



California Safe Schools Network

CDC Network List

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