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PFLAG Central Oregon Closure

Dear PFLAG Members,

There comes a time in the life of every not for profit organization when we must ask ourselves “are we still relevant, are we still needed?”.  The simple reality for PFLAG Central Oregon lies in the strength of our community and the children it has raised.  

These children, these incredible towers of strength are doing what we boomers and gen-xers set the foundation for:  they stood and fought for their rights.  They made demands for their sexual freedom and they challenged every school and business to provide safe spaces and respect.  With most schools now offering GSA councils, gender training for teachers and administrators and LGBTQ+ positivity, the need for organizations such as PFLAG must take a backseat.

With so many different organizations nationwide, easy access to internet peer group support and the advancement of GSAs, there is no need for PFLAG as a support group.  PFLAG from is very inception was a safe place for parents, family and friends of queer people to come together and be supported.  We were never intended as merely a social gathering but rather, to provide guidance and understanding for people who had no place else to turn.    For years we fulfilled this duty with both love and dignity.  But PFLAG is limited in what we can provide without overstepping our non-profit status.  Gender affirming care, mental health care, and political action are simply not in our non-profit wheelhouse and this alone, renders us ineffective.  Because of all of the current services and websites our membership is down, meeting attendance in non-existent and no one steps up to serve on the Board.

For these reasons, PFLAG Central Oregon by vote of the Board has made the tough decision to close our doors.  PFLAG Prineville is new and very active and they will gladly accept your current memberships.  Please support them!

On a positive note … All of us at PFLAG CO have been honored to be part of this journey, to serve this community and to see so much positive change.  

And now, let’s support the next generation of strong warriors on their journey to make a better future for themselves and those around them!

Our very best to each of you,


Board of Directors


Scholarships: We have handed out 4 $500 dollar scholarships for the Cliff Cook Memorial Scholarship 2024 year. Future scholarship applications for Cliff Cook Memorial will be directed to PFLAG Prineville.

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