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Cliff Cook Memorial Scholarship 2024

January 15th, 2024 through April 15th, 2024 we will host open submissions to the Cliff Cook Memorial Scholarship. Three high school seniors are chosen for a $500 scholarship based on their essay concerning equity and how they intend to demonstrate and lead based on that principal in their communities for the future.

Last year we were able to increase (based on membership donation! Thank YOU) to four students of the area.

You're wondering How to apply? Write a 1 page typed essay (.PDF only)

  1. Tell us about you, your hobbies, home, anything you'd like to share.

  2. Tell us your plans for college or trade, interests, and what you hope to accomplish.

  3. Share your community involvement with and for the LGBTQIA+ Community.

  4. Address the questions of Equity, what it looks like to you and how you will help create a more diverse and accepting society.

All entries must be emailed to by April 15th, 2024 at midnight.

Many of us here on the board appreciate the time you take to write so we can get to know you, and award a small gift in honor of our friend and once teacher, Cliff Cook. Thank you for your submission!

Sarah Jo Reece

PFLAG President Nov 2022-Nov2024

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