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Unity Community Donates to PFLAG Central Oregon

Last Sunday, October 29th 2023 I was warmly embraced by the attendees of Unity Central Oregon. As a queer person attending services have always been, well, a difficult journey through religious trauma. Clare, a leader in their community, reached a month prior out with absolutely zero intention to preach advising they have a donation for PFLAG Central Oregon. They were patient as I was not able to meet their until a month later. I woke up, over thought what I would be wearing to church, only to see they were all celebrating Halloween and dressing with joy. The community of Unity was warm and embracing of my presence and asked intelligent questions and lead with warmth. I was so moved I stayed for their full service despite my own religious trauma and was blessed to see how loving they were for all people. And when they advise they want to serve, boy howdy do they mean serve ALL with out expectation.

Thank you for your donation to PFLAG Central Oregon. It means so much and I hope to add you as a long term partnership and safe haven for those in Central Oregon that need extra light in their lives.

Sarah Jo Reece


PFLAG Central Oregon

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